American States Energy


Great Texas Rates Now:
.059 KWH for 12 months term     /   .061 KWH for 24 months term     /   .063 KWH for 36 months term.
   What Can We Do   
American States Energy can save you money on your electric and natural gas bills. All it takes to get started is to send us a copy of your monthly bill. We will then send you a Letter Of Authorization, which allows us to submit your bill to our energy provider network so that they can verify the usage and bid on your business. Once we get the bids, we submit them to you and you can select the company and term of contract that you want to go with. We will then do all of the necessary paperwork to get you changed to your new provider.

We also can provide you with an energy audit for your home or business. Our team of experts will analyze your usage patterns and examine the energy efficiency of your building(s). Once they have conducted their analysis, they will provide you with a written report and show you how you can save even more money on your energy bills. You can then select the items that you would like to implement and our team can give you pricing and payment terms to get you started.

ASE can also provide you with a solar energy system for your home or business. Our team can provide you with an estimate of how much the system will cost and how much energy will be saved at your location(s). Convenient payment options are available so now is the time to check solar out. Solar panel pricing has come down dramatically over the last few years. It is time to see if solar works for you.