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Affinity Energy Program
American States Energy (ASE) offers an Affinity Energy Program for all non-profit organizations, including associations, elementary/secondary education, alumni organizations, religious organizations, PTAís, fraternal organizations and clubs.

How Does The Program Work?
The program costs nothing to begin and there are no commitments or quotas. ASE partners with your organization to offer discounted electricity to your membership with a monthly residual royalty paid to your organization on all paid electric bills from the participating members.

The program is a win/win for all parties. Your members receive the same quality electric service for their homes/businesses at reduced rates. Members should experience 10 -20% lower rates, depending upon what they are currently paying. ASE will analyze each memberís electric bill to determine the savings. Your organization receives a 15% of the profits, monthly royalty fee, which can result in thousands of new dollars coming into your coiffures. Remember that this program is an ongoing program that will contribute revenues to your organization for years to come.

What Does it Take to Get Started?
To get started, an organization just needs to sign the short ASE agreement, and then ASE will do the rest. ASE will develop custom promotional pieces for your organization to hand out to your membership, customer email copy for email marketing, and telemarketing scripts and materials for a member contact program. ASE will also sign a confidentiality agreement with your organization should you prefer that ASE implement these contact programs.

To download a copy of the Affinity Program Contract, please click here

What Does Your Organization Have to Do?
Besides approving the program, your organization should assist in promoting the energy affinity program, by including information about the program in all communicationsí vehicles to the membership. Again, all of the copy will be furnished by ASE. It is just important to educate the membership about the program benefits, both to the member and to the organization.

What is the Revenue Potential for Your Organization?
The revenue potential for an energy affinity program is substantial. For a school, you have the parentsí homes and businesses that use electricity. You also can include other boosters, supporters and vendors of the institution as potential prospects. Each year, a new group of students come into the school, giving you a continual pool of prospects for the energy program. If you are an association or religious organization, your membership is fairly constant, but they may stay with you for a lifetime, providing continued revenue every month for your organization.

For an example of revenue potential, please click here

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